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Tuscany offers everything, from magical landscapes to fascinating old towns and villages steeped in ancient history.

Photograph the Mystical Tuscan Landscapes

Tuscany captivates with its distinctive scenery, vibrant cities rich in art, a millennia-old history, and delightful cuisine and wines. The enchanting ambiance of Tuscany unfolds with each location you visit and photograph. This region of Italy boasts some of the country’s best scenery. Join us on our Tuscany photography tours for an unforgettable Italian experience.

Workshop & Tour Details

Accommodation Included

All our photo tours include accommodation from start to finish

Small Groups

We keep all tour groups small to ensure everyone gets the time they need.


Transport is included on all tour days, including to and from the pick up location.


Expert tuition is provided on all tours from our professional photographers.

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Autumn in Tuscany – Oct 10-16, 2024

What to photograph on our Tuscany Photography Tours

Tuscany photography tours and workshops, Italy.

Magical light

There is a reason Tuscany is so popular with photographers. More often than not, it is bathed in a radiant golden light during the mornings and evenings. The valleys and hills during these periods offer splendid opportunities for photography.

The beautiful farmhouses with their red roofs, the omnipresent cypress trees that line the hills and roadsides, and the morning mist as it catches the warmth of the sun, provide all the ingredients for a fabulous set of photos.

Countryside Towns & Villages

Explore the quaint villages scattered across the Tuscany region, each with its unique charm. The narrow cobblestone streets, rustic houses, interested churches and chapels and local life make for captivating photographs.

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy

Painted landscapes

Tuscany is home to scenic valleys and gorges, such as the Val d’Orcia. These locations offer breathtaking views, especially when the natural light accentuates the contours of the land giving it an almost painterly effect.

Lovely hilltop towns & Cities

Explore some of the region’s most interesting hilltop towns such as Montepulciano and Pienza and photograph the old stone streets and ancient architecture.

Historic cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, and San Gimignano are a must-see too.

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy

Seasonal Changes

Tuscany experiences distinct seasons, each bringing its own charm. Spring brings vibrant green landscapes, while autumn is characterized by golden hues. Winter can also be magical, especially in the countryside.

Our Tuscany photography tours are timed to make the best of these seasons to ensure you get to capture Tuscany at its most beautiful.

Upcoming Tuscany Photography Tours and Workshops

Here you can see all our upcoming tours in Tuscany in date order.

Tuscany, Italy photography tours and workshops

Autumn in Tuscany – Oct 10-16, 2024

Oct 10 – 16, 2024

Full Price: US $3,200
Deposit: US $640

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