Venice Photography Tours & Workshops

Possibly one of the most beautiful places in Italy, Venice is an inspiring place to practice and learn photography.

Photograph the romantic canals and streets of Venice

Venice has inspired artists and painters for centuries, and these days photographers too. Famous for its ornate and colorful architecture, romantic canals and numerous picturesque bridges, the photo opportunities are boundless. Capture reflections in the water, the play of light on the canal surfaces, and the architecture surrounding them from the canal sides and atop the bridges. Our Venice photography tours will leave you feeling inspired just like the famous artists.

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Venice Canals & Lagoons – Nov 5-8, 2024

Venice & Dolomites – Oct 5-13, 2025

What to photograph on our Venice Photography Tours

Venice photography tours and workshops, Italy

Venice is Art

Venice is an incredible feat of engineering, built upon marsh, mud and silt. It’s unbelievable to think anyone would even consider building a settlement here, and even more inconceivable that it would grow into the incredible city we see today: one containing such a beautiful network of canals, narrow winding streets leading out into wide open squares and all surrounded by some of the most exquisite architecture the world has even known. Venice is art itself!

The Canals & colorful neighborhoods

There are over 150 canals in Venice, with the Grand Canal being the largest and most well-known. The smaller canals wind through the various colorful neighborhoods such as Burano, creating the unique and picturesque landscape for which Venice is famous.

The heart of Venice lies around the beautiful Grand Canal and we can photograph some of its loveliest views from its numerous bridges.

All of the canals are beautiful to photograph at any time of the day. Capture the colors in the warm sunlight during the day, and long exposures at dusk, or sunset as the buildings begin to illuminate.

Murano, Venice, Italy.
Venice photography tours and workshops, Italy


Naturally with so many canals, Venice is known for its numerous bridges. Two of the most famous and beautiful are Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs.

Each location has its own charm, and we will photograph these and many other smaller bridges along the way.

Hidden Corners and Alleys

We will also wander off the main tourist paths to discover hidden corners, narrow alleys, and charming details that showcase the authentic character of the city.

Venice photography tours and workshops, Italy
Gondolas, Venice, Italy.


Of course, gondolas are iconic symbols of Venice. There will be ample opportunities to photograph them gracefully navigating the canals, especially during sunset or sunrise when the light is soft and warm, and even during the twilight hours when the city takes on a different kind of charm.

Upcoming Venice Photography Tours and Workshops

Here you can see all our upcoming tours in Venice in date order.

St. Marks Square (Piazza San Marko), Venice, Italy

Venice Canals & Lagoons – Nov 5-8, 2024

Nov 5 – 8, 2024

Full Price: US $1,800
Deposit: US $360

No single supplement charge!

Dolomites Photography Tours & Workshops

Venice & Dolomites – Oct 5-13, 2025

Oct 05 – 13, 2025

Full Price: US $5,600
Deposit: US $1,120

No single supplement charge!

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