Bavaria Photography Tours & Workshops

Photograph some of Bavaria's most beautiful alpine landscapes and its majestic castles such as the famous King Ludwig II’s castle “Schloss Neuschwanstein”.

Photograph the magical land of Bavaria

The lovely Free State of Bavaria in southern Germany is renowned for its bright blue skies, emerald blue lakes, waterfalls, wild and romantic mountain landscapes, baroque churches, quaint boathouses and friendly Bavarian hospitality. The capital city, Munich, boasts some of the finest architecture in the country. Come and learn photography in the magic of Bavaria.

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Upcoming Tours

Enchanted Bavaria – May 19-26, 2024

Dolomites & Bavarian Alps – Oct 18-26, 2024

What to photograph on our Bavaria Photography Tours

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Lovely baroque architecture

Bavaria is home to some of Europe’s most interesting baroque churches and architecture. Our photo tours begin in Munich, which has some of the finest examples of this. We will take pictures at sunrise and at the “blue hour” to capture the city’s most iconic landmarks in the best light.

We will also explore many other little churches as we travel throughout the Bavarian countryside.

Alpine lakes

Bavaria is home to the Bavarian Alps, and as such offers stunning alpine mountain landscapes. It is absolutely packed with picture-perfect alpine lakes and mountainous backdrops.

On our photo tour we will take you to some of the best viewpoints where you can photograph glistening mountains perfectly reflected in still crystal clear alpine lakes.

Bavaria, Germany - Bavaria photography tours and workshops
Bavaria, Germany - Bavaria photography tours and workshops

Rivers and valleys

Photography the serene beauty of the alpine valleys, rivers and quaint villages dotted around the Bavarian countryside. Explore the dense forests, rolling hills, and charming villages to capture rustic and natural scenes.

Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises

We will visit the Oberbayern region, Ostallgäu, and the Berchtesgaden National Park close to the Border of Austria. This is the only national park in the German Alps. With its varied landscapes and breathtaking beauty, it offers some stunning locations to photograph, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Bavaria, Germany - Bavaria photography tours and workshops
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany.

Majestic Castles​

The southern region of Germany is celebrated for its extraordinary medieval castles situated atop lofty mountain peaks or nestled within wooded hillsides.

During our photography tour, we will capture images of several of these castles, among them the renowned Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle, famously known as the inspiration for King Stefan’s castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, promises enchanting views and a captivating subject for our lenses.

Upcoming Bavaria Photography Tours and Workshops

Here you can see all our upcoming tours in Bavaria in date order.

Bavaria, Germany

Enchanted Bavaria – May 19-26, 2024

May 19 – 26, 2024

Full Price: US $2,500
Deposit: US $500

No single supplement charge!

Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites & Bavarian Alps – Oct 18-26, 2024

Oct 18 – 26, 2024

Full Price: US $4,800
Deposit: US $960

No single supplement charge!

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