Madeira Photography Tours & Workshops

The Madeira islands are Portugal’s best kept secret, and offer a wealth of breathtaking rugged and mountainous landscapes to photograph.

Photograph the breathtaking scenery of Madeira

Experience the alluring beauty of this enchanting island paradise. Madeira is an archipelago comprising four stunning main islands. Its volcanic origins have shaped an amazing rugged and mountainous landscape, fed the lush vegetation, rich biodiversity and variety of endemic plant and animal species.

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Expert tuition is provided on all tours from our professional photographers.

Upcoming Tours

Madeira – May 13-17, 2025

What to photograph on our Madeira Photography Tours

Madeira photography tours and workshops

Volcanic Islands

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal located in the Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal itself. Sculpted over thousands of years by massive volcanic activity, the land is characterised by towering mountain peaks, massive cliffs and soaring sea stacks. Pico Ruivo is the highest peak in Madeira.

Seascapes at the Golden Hour

Madeira is the perfect place to practice your seascape photography. There is an endless choice of coastal locations offering many unique rugged landmarks.

Capture the iconic rock formations and sea arches along the northern coast. The golden sandy beaches, rugged coves, inlets and charming seaside towns provide a beautiful setting for sunrise or sunset photography.

Madeira photography tours and workshops

A photographer's paradise

Madeira is a photographer’s paradise where one can capture some truly dramatic scenes – every turn reveals a new grand vista, and every path leads to something new to be discovered.

Towering cliffs & valleys

Madeira boasts numerous impressive sea cliffs, such as Cabo Girão. These provide dramatic views across the sea whether looking towards them or from them.

Photograph the verdant mountainous terrain, including the peaks and valleys. Pico Ruivo and Pico do Arieiro offer breathtaking views.


The perfect place to learn photography

During our Madeira photography tour you will learn different techniques to photograph stunning sea & landscapes, fabulous waterfalls, impressive rugged coastlines, vibrant flowers, the lush magical Laurissilva Forest, which is a unique laurel forest that covers significant portions of the island, and return home with some outstanding images.

Upcoming Madeira Photography Tours and Workshops

Here you can see all our upcoming tours in Madeira in date order.

Madeira photography tours and workshops

Madeira – May 13-17, 2025

May 13 – May 17, 2025

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